all prices are from these amounts, and vary for each hairdresser


cut and blow                                                                          R400

guy's cut                                                                                R250

kids                                                                                       R 200 +

blow dry                                                                                R250


half head                                                                               R650

full head                                                                                R950+  depending on length and products used. olaplex will increase cost by 50%

                                                                                             treatments recommended on all lightening processes.


roots                                                                                     R350-R450

full head                                                                                R600-R800

semi permanent                                                                    R350

treatment                                                                              R190 TO R450       Oloplex will depend on length

mask                                                                                     R120 TO R350


clip in human hair                                                                 R5000 +   depending on lengths and amount                                                                                                     

permanent human hair                                                         R7000+ depending on length for full head. 50 % deposit                                                                                                                                           on consultation.  R40 per strand for random lowlites etc.

bright acrylic                                                                         R70  per strand   

Brazillian blow out.                                                               R1200 upwards. Caucau shampoo and conditioner recommended for home use                                                                                         


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